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Super junior is my family.
Forever crying over donghae's everything.

“Even my tears, even my little smiles.
They all come from you.”



The topless pic in Disneyland:

They said it was too hot so they took off shirt and took that pic at the parking lot.

hae said that people at the parking lot looked at them weirdly for taking pic without any shirt.

I hate to miss you on the telephone
Always feels like I’m leaving you

Lee Donghaekhaek congratulations-haek

On My Shoulder

leedonghae: Eun & Hae


                (내사랑… 이혁재)                                                      (니사랑… 이동해)

congratulations for putting a ring on it

recording couple!eunhae

So Hyukjae found an EunHae towel and 


*the writings on the towel is 내 사랑 니 사상 우리 사랑 은해 !
means “my lover, your lover, our love and eunhae !”

July 03, 2013 22:47-22:48 | ELF Japan 곧 만나요! 

dorks babies ( ´∀`)