Jenny ・ 18 ・ Europe

Super junior is my family.
Forever crying over donghae's everything.

“Even my tears, even my little smiles.
They all come from you.”



"no matter where we go, you guys will do your best to support us, we’re really touched, i think i only have one thing to say: I LOVE YOU ALL"

zitao’s message for fans ft. a selca with seyeol on MAMA’s twitter

I feel in love with coffee even more after making my own coffee from start to finish. My new dream is to get a barista certification and to eventually open my own small café.” 

Anonymous asked: Why do you love Kai?

Answer: I love everything about him. His cuteness, his smile or laugh that makes my day, his fierce appearance onstage. Everything about him just makes me happy.


Exo polaroids for So Cool


Krisyeol making fun of Kyungsoo’s height

exo kids running in circle


exo’s year doodle book